Waterfront Botanical Gardens hires Whittenberg Construction to build education center.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (May 16, 2018) — Waterfront Botanical Gardens is a $60 million development project to build a world-class botanical garden on a 23-acre landfill site in the Butchertown neighborhood. Construction on the site started in the fall of 2017 with T&C Contracting.

The Graeser Family Education Center will be the first building on the property: an education/event venue that will accommodate 250 people. Whittenberg Construction has been hired to build the 6,000-plus-s.f. facility. Construction of the education center will begin in 30 days. Estimated opening of the building is fall 2019.

“We are excited that the site is under construction, and the building construction will begin soon,” said Kasey Maier, executive director of Waterfront Botanical Gardens. “We’ve worked a long time to get to this point. T&C Contracting and Whittenberg are excellent choices to work with us on a project as important as this for Louisville.”

According to Andy Mays, president of Whittenberg Construction, their company is passionate about building places that benefit families, neighbors and the community.

“Whittenberg is thrilled to be selected as construction manager for Waterfront Botanical Gardens,” Mays said. “This project is transformative for our Riverfront, the Beargrass Creek Corridor, the City of Louisville, and our region. Every modern city needs a botanical garden to provide experience and education about nature and plants. This is especially beneficial to our children and grandchildren and we are proud to help create this legacy.”

Phase 1 of the project includes the Graeser Family Education Center, the Beargrass Creek Pathway, multiple gardens, water features, a greenhouse, a classroom and more. When fully built, Waterfront Botanical Gardens will include three buildings, multiple gardens, 20 miles of walking paths, and more.