Gorilla Forest
Louisville Zoo

Louisville, Kentucky

Whittenberg provided General Contracting Services on the latest project at the Louisville Zoo. This facility is home to eleven lowland gorillas living on 4-5 acres of lush grasses and trees. It is an interactive exhibit with a discovery trail meandering through the forest, giving one the feeling that they are actually among the gorillas in their natural habitat.

The majority of the structures are CIP colored concrete. The walls of the gorilla holding facility are two layers thick to keep the animals from breaking through with their great strength. Much animation is going into this facility to make it true to life, with leaf and animal prints cast into concrete “mud paths” and tire tracks cast into asphalt “dirt roads”.

It truly is a visual experience like no other at the zoo. Visit the Louisville Zoo website.

Project Data:

  • Construction Cost: $7,800,000
  • Completion: December 2001