Glacier Run Wet Play Area
Louisville Zoo

Louisville, Kentucky

Whittenberg has provided General Contracting Services on several of the recent projects at the Louisville Zoo. The Glacier Run Wet Play Area is open all summer long to help cool down those kids.

This nautically-themed splash park is the perfect place for kids to escape Kentucky’s hot summer days! The Papa John’s Splash Park at Glacier Run features 42 unique spray events (which means 42 ways to get wet) including:

  • 20-foot long and 25-foot high fishing boat for kids to climb on.
  • Two kid-sized slides off the back of the boat
  • Dump buckets and spray heads on the deck of the boat
  • A 50′ geyser that erupts from the mast on a timed basis.
  • A jelly jet launcher (2 kids pump up the launcher and when the pressure reaches a certain point it triggers water sprays).
  • Crates and barrels where kids can push buttons and pull ropes to trigger various sprays and splashes.

Designed with safe, family fun in mind the area also includes:

  • Lots of splashes and sprays but NO standing water.
  • A play zone just for toddlers.
  • Cushioned playground surfaces.
  • Fenced area with only one way in and out.
  • Plenty of comfortable seating
  • Two picnic pavilions
  • A restroom complex with facilities for men and women plus 2 family restrooms which can be used as changing areas.

Project Data:

  • Construction Cost: $1,100,000
  • Completion: May 2007