Louisville Zoo – Snow Leopard Pass & The Cub House Exhibit

Louisville, Kentucky

 The Snow Leopard Pass & Cub House Project provided a 2,000sqft cliff-side habitat that is adjacent to the existing Tiger exhibit. This habitat provided rockwork ledges, caves, tunnels, training activities, and natural flat animal habitat. There was a Base Camp area installed for guests to observe snow leopards at ground level and an observation deck to view from above. There was a 1,100 SF holding area installed that provided caging areas, maternity dens, staff working areas, and an outdoor quarantine area. The new 1,600sqft Cub House Education Building provides a unique experience for small children with classroom space, snow leopard viewing area, and indoor cave slide.

Project Data:

  • Construction Cost: $6,354,287
  • Multi-Phase Project
  • CM/General Contractor
  • Completion: March 2019